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Here is an article written by the Lansing State Journal a few years ago that we are proud of and that we’d like to share with you.

At Pablo’s freshness is key to success

By Robin Swartz
Lansing State Journal

A new Mexican restaurant in Old Town prompted many readers to recommend—and in some cases, insist—we visit. How right they were.

Pablo’s Panaderia, 311 E. Grand River Ave. a small bakery-restaurant in what once was Café Cubano, as well as Capital City Cheesecake, serves breakfast and lunch from a menu packed with homemade items.

On the menu

Pablo’s calls itself “home of la torta,” a Mexican salted bread used to sandwich beans, meat, cheese, tomato, avocado, onion and jalapenos. There are seven such sandwiches on the menu.

My companion chose the Torta Ahogada, filled with fried diced pork and tomato, dipped in a special homemade hot sauce. The hot sauce on the outside of the torta made using a knife and fork essential, but it added a wonderful spice to the sandwich, if not a ton of heat. The meat itself was moist and flavorful, but the big surprise was the torta, which was light and fluffy.

I tried the Mole (MOH-lay) Enchiladas; three homemade tortillas filled with chicken, dipped in mole sauce and covered with lettuce, onions and Parmesan. The mole was slightly thick and smoky-sweet. When you dine in, you’ll get a basket of homemade tortilla chips that are thick, fresh and not too salty.

Pablo’s makes fresh lemonade by the glass. The two glasses we tried were slightly different and equally delicious—citrusy and very refreshing.


Pablo’s has a colorful on the back wall and exposed brick along the side of the dining room. A large window looks out onto Grand River Avenue. When you come in, it will probably be busy, so grab a menu off the counter and find a seat if you can. Our server was friendly, efficient and happy to explain the menu.

I invite you to come back to our Web site often for news and updates and we hope you will come into Pablo’s Old Town and enjoy all of our delicious authentic mexican cuisine!

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