B-1. Scrambled eggs with chorizo (served w/fried beans and tortillas) $6.95
B-1. Scrambled eggs with chorizo (served w/fried beans and tortillas) $6.95
B-2. Huevos Rancheros (two eggs over, topped w/ mild sauce, served w/ beans steak and tortillas) $6.95
B-3. Huevos a la Mexicana (Scrambled eggs w/tomato, onion, and jalapeno peppe, served w/fried beans, potatoes and tortillas $6.95
B-4. Scrambled Eggs In mild sauce, potatoes and beans $6.95
B-5. Chilaquiles (corn chips topped w/mild red sauce, served with beans, steak and couple of eggs) $7.95
B-6. Three bacon, egg, and cheese tacos $6.95
B-7. Machaca  con huevo (scrambled eggs with steak, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and garlic)w/ fried beans and tortillas $7.95
B-8. Three Chorizo, egg and cheese tacos $6.95
B-9. Breakfast Burrito (potato,egg, beans and cheese) $5.95
B-10. Hungry man Burrito (Potato, egg, cheese, chorizo, bacon, and beans) $6.95
B-11. Omelet grande (Sausage, bacon, bell pepper, tomato and onion) $7.50
Three egg omelette (served, w/potatoes, choice of spinach, western, ham and cheese, or mushroom) $7.50
Steak and two eggs potatoes and toast $7.50
Two eggs, potato, toast w/ bacon or sausage $6.50
French toast with two eggs w/bacon or sausage $6.50
Panckakes with two eggs and w/bacon or sausage $6.50
Pablo’s special sandwich (two eggs w/melted american cheese, fried onions, fried tomatoes w/ bacon on toast or torta) $6.50
Fried pork skin in salsa w/fried beans, two eggs and tortillas $7.50

La Torta

La Torta is a Mexican sandwich made with fresh homemade bread filled with beans, Mexican shredded cheese, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeno peppers, and your choice of meat.

Torta regular with your choice of meat $6.50
Torta de milanesa de rez (breaded beef steak) $6.95
Torta de milanesa se pollo (Breaded chicken breast) $6.95
Preuss especial (breaded chicken breast, avocado, American yellow cheese, tomatoes, onions, beans, hot sauce and bacon) $6.95
Poblana (rice, beans, mole sauce and chicken breast)  6.95
Torta ahogada (topped with sauce) $6.95
Sample of food
A treat for the tastebuds!


Add $2.95 if you want shrimp or fish in your order.

7. Wet Burrito (topped with green or red salsa) $8.25
8. Quesadilla (giant flour tortilla filled w/cheese and meat) $7.50
9. Enchiladas (order of three red, green or mole sauce) $7.50
10. Tostadas (three crispy fried tortilla w/let, tom, cheese, sour cream) $6.95
11. Giant Burrito (filled w/rice ,beans, meat, cheese and avocado.) $7.50
12. Flautas ( 3 crispy fried tacos topped w/ sour cream and cheese) $7.50
13. Mexican tacos (3double corn shell w/ cilantro and onion) $7.50
14. American tacos ( 3 single flour tortillas w/ let, tom and cheese) $7.50
15. Chalupas (three grilled tortillas topped w/sauce, meat sour cream and cheese) $7.50
16. Gorditas ( three handmade thick stuffed tortilla) $8.25
17. Sopes ( three grilled thick tortillas topped w/ salsa, meat, sour cream and cheese) $8.25
18. Two pork tamales and guacamole $6.50
Sample of food
A great taste of Mexico!


Some dinners served with rice and beans and flour or corn tortillas.

D-1 Combo Plate (choose three: chalupa, taco, enchilada, flauta, tamal or tostada) $10.75
D-2 Chicken Mole Poblano ( w/ a rich chocolate flavor) $10.75
D-3 Chilles Rellenos ( 2 poblano peppers stuffed w/ cheese) $10.75
D-4 Jalapeno steak (sauté steak onios and peppers) $10.75
D-5 Mole enchilada ( 3chicken filled tacos cover w/mole sauce $10.75
D-6 Chimichanga $9.75
D-7 Taco Dinner( 3 tacos mexican style) $9.75
D-8 Gordita Dinne (three stuffed gorditas) $9.75
D-9 Red or green enchiladas ( three in the order) $9.75
D-10 Milanesa (breaded chicken or beef) $10.75
D-11 Guacamole and beef or chicken Fajitas $12.50
D-12 Chuletas en salsa (pork chops in tomatillo sauce) $10.75
Sample of food
Excellent ingredients, excellent preparation!

Veggie Goods

D-13 Veggie Combo $9.75
D-14 Veggie Burrito $6.50
D-15 Veggie Chimichanga $7.50
D-16 guacamole tostadas (order of two) $5.75
D-17 Veggie torta $5.75
Sample of food
All your favorite flavors!


S-1 Grilled Shrimps with veggies/camarones a la parrilla $12.95
S-2 Devil shrimps/ Camarones a la Diabla (Shrimp cooked in hot sauce) $12.95
S-3 Garlic sautéed shrimps/ camarones al mojo de ajo $12.95
S-4 Tilapia Fry Fish/ Pescado Frito $13.95
S-5 Shrimp cocktail/ Coctel de camarones $10.50
Sample of food
Delicious seafood soup! $13.95


Veggie Beef/ Chicken caldo $8.75/$7.50
Pozole $7.50
Menudo $8.75


F-1 Chicken Jalapeno salad (Pickled jalapeno, white Mexican cheese tomato and grilled Chicken) $8.75
F-2 Cactus Salad (Tomato, lettuce, bell pepper, white Mexican cheese, onion and cactus) $7.50
F-3 Green Salad w/grilled chicken/shrimp $8.75/$10.95
F-4 Plate of grilled veggies (Carrot, zucchini, onion, cabbage, tomato and bell peppers) $7.95
F-4 Plate of grilled veggies with grilled chicken $10.95
F-5 Taco salad (chips topped with, beans, guacamole, Mexican white cheese, sour cream, tomato and lettuce and your choice of meat) $8.95
Sample of food
You’ll want to come back for more!

Side Orders

Guacamole $5.50
Small Guacamole $3.50
Pico De Gallo $2.25
Rice or beans $1.75
Mexican Cheese $0.75
Avocado $1.25
Jalapeños $0.75
Mole $0.75
Sour Cream $0.50
Tortillas ( Flour or Corn) $0.75
Chips and salsa $2.95
Toasted Torta $0.75

A la Carte

Gordita $2.75
Enchilada $2.50
Tamal $1.75
Single Mex- taco served W/ Guacamole $2.50
American taco $2.25
Mexican taco $2.50
Mini Burrito $4.25
Chile relleno $2.95
Sope $2.75
Flauta $2.50
Chalupa $2.50

Beverages (Soft Drinks only)

Flavored waters (tamarindo, Jamaica, orchata) $2.50
Limeade, Orangeade, Pink Surprice, Mexican Flavored pop $2.95
Hot coffee or tea $1.50
Mexican hot chocolate $2.50
Ice Coffee $3.95
Freshly squeezed orange juice $3.95
Coke products (DK,K, Mellow yellow, Sprite, Hci) $1.75
Mexican Bottle coke an jarritos (made w/real cane sugar) $1.95

Choices of Meat

Lengua (beef tongue)
Asada (Grilled chopped Steak)
Bistek (Shredded Beef steak)
Carne molida (Ground beef)
Pernil (carnitas) (pork)
Al Pastor (Marinated pork)
Chorizo (Spicy Mexican sausage)
Pollo (Shredded Chicken)
Jamon & Queso (Ham & cheese)
Add shrimp or fish: $2.95